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General Idea of Storage Sizes
This will help you decide how much storage you'll need.

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Packing Hints and Tips

Packing Boxes
Pack boxes completely, and fill remaining space with packing material. This provides strength to the box. Using boxes that are the same size allows you to store much more in the same space, since they all fit together. Buying a few dozen boxes pays back quickly if you can use a smaller storage space.

Wool Clothing & Rugs & Goose Down Related
Have your wool or fur or down professionally cleaned before storage. Moths and other protein consuming bugs hatch over time, and will destroy natural fibers. Their eggs may have been laid months before you pack them. See an article on storing wool, and an article on storing rugs.

Appliances & Pots & Pans
Make sure your refrigerator is dry. Same with dishwasher and washing machines. Your pots and pans can be stacked into the stove and refrigerator.

Food and Perishables
Long term storage of even canned goods can be problematic. Cans may leak or burst over a long enough time. It's mostly based on how long you will need to store them. It's best not to store boxed and bagged foods unless properly containerized.

Mattresses should be covered and lay flat on level surface.

Lawn and Outdoor Equipment
Drain all fluids to avoid corrosive damage. Do not store anything combustible. Rakes, shovels, and brooms can be stacked into trash cans.

Delicate Items
Use special boxes, like dish packs, and if needed, use dehumidifiers.

Put furniture on wood blocks or pallets, and if table legs are removable, you can store some tables on edge to save space. Sofas may be able to be stored on end.

Cover furniture and treat wood surfaces before storing. Drawers are good place to pack things.

Business Files
Label each box, and build aisles so files are easily seen and accessed. Lots of businesses find that our self storage facilities are a great way to manage long term files, and will build out shelves inside the storage unit.